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After almost a decade of searching in my personal life for the meaning of this Illuminati bullshit I'm finally willing to completely give up on the blog as a way to inform.

I had a good run but the sheer wealth of information online and its availability dwarf my ability to index and archive it without my own A.I. program to aggregate it.

We are on the cusp of the human generation awaiting the post human era.

They never announce something that is not already manifesting.

The New World Order happened in 1776 In the form of the United States.

World Government happened in 1945 In the form of the United Nations.

On September 2nd 1945 World War 2 ended.
On October 24th 1945 The U.N. was founded.

If the whole world is the stake of a war then doesn't the winner end up the dominant party?

Remember, when bankers own both sides of the debt, they were the ones who really won the war!

The post human era launched in 1998 In the form of the United Internet.

August 4th 1997 was the fictional launch of Skynet.
One year and one month to the day on September 4th 1998 Google was released to the public.

The Great Awakening happened in 2001 In the form of the truth movement.

We learned the truth all right, but those in power sought to make the masses their followers.

In 2015 we have ubiquitous open Illuminati symbolism running rampant in the form of the millenials parroting popstars. We are so saturated with occult symbolism that it is now part of Huxley's sea of irrelevance.

They are waving the victory flag and the troubling thing is that at every point they have revealed their hand they have won. With world dominant power, why would this time be any different?

We know who they are and how they are doing it but we can do nothing to stop it.

I believe it was at this point of realization that Michael C. Ruppert committed suicide.

The sheer level of Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance methods we have are staggering.

The current level of robotics, computing, indexing and information gathering have made anonymity impossible. Outside of the cities and suburbs we will see increasing implementation of drones to combat the outlying resistance in the off grid areas.

With great sadness this is my final post. The only information that I can share with you is that unless you can hack and dismantle the technology that has been constructed and live under the radar, you have no chance to be free.

At every point you walk cameras can recognize your face and all of your data can be linked to a database with technology as cheap as a cellphone. The only thing that I can tell you is that the level of what will come to pass in the next two decades will be truly frightening.

The fictional corporate person will now become an A.I. assigned to every transaction and with the corporations harnessing the power of every search, every tag, every cookie, every bit of data, you will need to create multiple aliases just to get different points of view. Information is being tailored to each persons searches to keep them trapped in tunnel vision in ways unlike ever before.

We are literally approaching the electronic prison from all angles and with the pollution and proliferation of electronic weaponry, and diseases, we are living in cyberpunk times far beyond what the 1980s could ever have envisioned.

Minority Report envisioned advertising that tracked you to the point of augmented reality holograms following you around like a salesman. Pre-Crime was not an A.I. but in current times that we live in I see many cases when it is already in existence.

Should I learn to stop hating and love the bomb?

I have seen technology create wondrous things. I have seen beautiful toys and drone farmed produce stretching for miles. I have also seen Drone strikes in the Middle East and the starvation in the heart of Africa. Genocidal technology and vampire marketing that attaches A.I. to every online purchase is not a future that I want to be a part of.

As Fukushima proves, Japan is in its death rasp. With a culture in decline and birth rates dwindling in the wake of yet another nuclear crisis, we continue to see the radiation nation on the brink. Yet a hopeless optimism is cast over them because as America is in decline and China is on the rise they are no longer in a position to remain a technological superpower.

The android nation has outsourced the male libido and spawned host clubs to rekindle the lost art of polite conversation for the women. Everything that either side could want can be bought as a service or commodity. With androids caring for the elderly it is only a matter of time before Chobits become a reality and replace biological partners entirely.

I see a time when Skynet IS the police. If an android uses cameras simply to see and a computer is all willing to rat you out to the authorities let alone corporations, it is only a matter of time before the home based android is judge, jury and executioner for pre crime.

This is going to be a problem for the next generation. With surveillance on the rise and Drones becoming so commonplace, we only have to wait for the mass implementation of androids before the cameras can not only follow us around, but manipulate our emotions.

In a looser form this already exists in the form of programs using toys like connect for A.I. based intelligences in games to track movement and communicate. We have motion tracking, Biometric recognition, and emotional recognition, We can track temperature and track the velocity of motion. In short cameras are so sophisticated that they can not only surpass the human eye but enable computers to read phisiological data that borders on psychic mediums. They will know our health, emotions, and our intentions just by reading the data provided by the sensors.

Implimented in a robotics platform like Big Dog, Cheetah, or Pet Man it could target men on the battlefield. In less that twenty years when in home androids become common place, we would be trapped. Keep in mind Google owns Boston Dynamics now.

The last hope is to go to a place where resources are scarce or guarded so the machines could not power themselves, but with resources like Google maps they could literally just send drones and androids or just shills with a cellphone to map out the hidden enclaves.

We are living in a day and age where everyone and everything technological is a spy.  We have no privacy and one day privacy itself will be a crime.

Our only hope is to abandon our dependency on technology and learn to survive in places where technology cannot. We are emitting brainwaves that can be read at a distance. It is not science fiction, it is a fact. The day that we can perform this feat cheaply and record it in real time will become the day the machines become psychic. At that point we have little choice but to submit to a superior intelligence with a superior force.

Only GOD can save us now. We can no longer save ourselves, and it is this reason why I have chosen to end the blog.

I know that these words make me the criminal of a dark future. I know the machines are coming. I know and knowing is a crime.

May GOD have mercy on the ones who KNOW for the reaping is close at hand.


SlicedGravy said...

Don't go! I like reading your blog. I even saw on the secret room you had an argument with hives? I even posted your "how to become god " on my blog.

SlicedGravy said...

Idk why you feel you should give up. Passing knowledge back and fourth can save a life even your own, the way we develop our point of views. I read your post on summoning a demon but what about summoning your ancestors through thought?

Bob Johnson said...

What weak shit is this? Only GOD can save you? Have you forsaken EVERYTHING you learned from Hives? I AM GOD! So are YOU! Don't tell me someone as well-versed in the occult as you doesn't know this.

I would say you reek of fear, but I also think you are lying about how much you fear what is coming. You are too smart for that. I think your part in Hives' little game is done, I noticed you posted a hell of a lot more after speaking with hives 2 or so years ago, then cut off in the middle of your video series...

So just admit it, either you are done with the game, or you are just lazy, just don't end it with this weak bullshit.