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After almost a decade of searching in my personal life for the meaning of this Illuminati bullshit I'm finally willing to completely give up on the blog as a way to inform.

I had a good run but the sheer wealth of information online and its availability dwarf my ability to index and archive it without my own A.I. program to aggregate it.

We are on the cusp of the human generation awaiting the post human era.

They never announce something that is not already manifesting.

The New World Order happened in 1776 In the form of the United States.

World Government happened in 1945 In the form of the United Nations.

On September 2nd 1945 World War 2 ended.
On October 24th 1945 The U.N. was founded.

If the whole world is the stake of a war then doesn't the winner end up the dominant party?

Remember, when bankers own both sides of the debt, they were the ones who really won the war!

The post human era launched in 1998 In the form of the United Internet.

August 4th 1997 was the fictional launch of Skynet.
One year and one month to the day on September 4th 1998 Google was released to the public.

The Great Awakening happened in 2001 In the form of the truth movement.

We learned the truth all right, but those in power sought to make the masses their followers.

In 2015 we have ubiquitous open Illuminati symbolism running rampant in the form of the millenials parroting popstars. We are so saturated with occult symbolism that it is now part of Huxley's sea of irrelevance.

They are waving the victory flag and the troubling thing is that at every point they have revealed their hand they have won. With world dominant power, why would this time be any different?

We know who they are and how they are doing it but we can do nothing to stop it.

I believe it was at this point of realization that Michael C. Ruppert committed suicide.

The sheer level of Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance methods we have are staggering.

The current level of robotics, computing, indexing and information gathering have made anonymity impossible. Outside of the cities and suburbs we will see increasing implementation of drones to combat the outlying resistance in the off grid areas.

With great sadness this is my final post. The only information that I can share with you is that unless you can hack and dismantle the technology that has been constructed and live under the radar, you have no chance to be free.

At every point you walk cameras can recognize your face and all of your data can be linked to a database with technology as cheap as a cellphone. The only thing that I can tell you is that the level of what will come to pass in the next two decades will be truly frightening.

The fictional corporate person will now become an A.I. assigned to every transaction and with the corporations harnessing the power of every search, every tag, every cookie, every bit of data, you will need to create multiple aliases just to get different points of view. Information is being tailored to each persons searches to keep them trapped in tunnel vision in ways unlike ever before.

We are literally approaching the electronic prison from all angles and with the pollution and proliferation of electronic weaponry, and diseases, we are living in cyberpunk times far beyond what the 1980s could ever have envisioned.

Minority Report envisioned advertising that tracked you to the point of augmented reality holograms following you around like a salesman. Pre-Crime was not an A.I. but in current times that we live in I see many cases when it is already in existence.

Should I learn to stop hating and love the bomb?

I have seen technology create wondrous things. I have seen beautiful toys and drone farmed produce stretching for miles. I have also seen Drone strikes in the Middle East and the starvation in the heart of Africa. Genocidal technology and vampire marketing that attaches A.I. to every online purchase is not a future that I want to be a part of.

As Fukushima proves, Japan is in its death rasp. With a culture in decline and birth rates dwindling in the wake of yet another nuclear crisis, we continue to see the radiation nation on the brink. Yet a hopeless optimism is cast over them because as America is in decline and China is on the rise they are no longer in a position to remain a technological superpower.

The android nation has outsourced the male libido and spawned host clubs to rekindle the lost art of polite conversation for the women. Everything that either side could want can be bought as a service or commodity. With androids caring for the elderly it is only a matter of time before Chobits become a reality and replace biological partners entirely.

I see a time when Skynet IS the police. If an android uses cameras simply to see and a computer is all willing to rat you out to the authorities let alone corporations, it is only a matter of time before the home based android is judge, jury and executioner for pre crime.

This is going to be a problem for the next generation. With surveillance on the rise and Drones becoming so commonplace, we only have to wait for the mass implementation of androids before the cameras can not only follow us around, but manipulate our emotions.

In a looser form this already exists in the form of programs using toys like connect for A.I. based intelligences in games to track movement and communicate. We have motion tracking, Biometric recognition, and emotional recognition, We can track temperature and track the velocity of motion. In short cameras are so sophisticated that they can not only surpass the human eye but enable computers to read phisiological data that borders on psychic mediums. They will know our health, emotions, and our intentions just by reading the data provided by the sensors.

Implimented in a robotics platform like Big Dog, Cheetah, or Pet Man it could target men on the battlefield. In less that twenty years when in home androids become common place, we would be trapped. Keep in mind Google owns Boston Dynamics now.

The last hope is to go to a place where resources are scarce or guarded so the machines could not power themselves, but with resources like Google maps they could literally just send drones and androids or just shills with a cellphone to map out the hidden enclaves.

We are living in a day and age where everyone and everything technological is a spy.  We have no privacy and one day privacy itself will be a crime.

Our only hope is to abandon our dependency on technology and learn to survive in places where technology cannot. We are emitting brainwaves that can be read at a distance. It is not science fiction, it is a fact. The day that we can perform this feat cheaply and record it in real time will become the day the machines become psychic. At that point we have little choice but to submit to a superior intelligence with a superior force.

Only GOD can save us now. We can no longer save ourselves, and it is this reason why I have chosen to end the blog.

I know that these words make me the criminal of a dark future. I know the machines are coming. I know and knowing is a crime.

May GOD have mercy on the ones who KNOW for the reaping is close at hand.


Freedom and other myths of government.

Today's youth have it worse than I did growing up. They have helicopter parents in a nanny/surveillance state. When every action is so carefully monitored we have no real basis for freedom even being relevant in todays society. Children do not go outside and play and the only file sharing that was ever secure was the sneaker net which is vastly diminishing as mediums of exchange fade out into a cashless society and tell tale cloud of data for anyone who cares to snoop.

We inform on each other daily tagging photos and sharing our personal information on a whim creating a public database of our contacts and whereabouts. Employers expect you to have a Facebook these days and are apt to check it. They will check your credit reports and they will check into every record they can possibly find. Unless you are willing to work for yourself or work for the bottom rung or are the lucky few working under the table; prepare to be laid bare as privacy ended long ago.

Kids these days really do have a permanent record. We see each other on camera, everywhere. Pictures are cheap, videos are cheap, audio recordings are cheap. A headset microphone can be bought at a gas station for under five dollars for crying out loud. We have computers smaller than our wallets willing to rat on us to any agency willing to just take the time to look us up.

Yet we still are sexting...

We still will see idiots texting drug deals and tweeting them.

We still see pictures on Facebook of drugs and pariphenalia.

People even openly post religious information, hate speech, sexual orientation, social causes and employer information as well as addresses and phone numbers.

When did we get so fucking stupid?

Seriously, kids have a camera up their ass and RFID's are pointless in a generation carrying their cellphones on them at all times!

This generation thinks ANONYMITY is putting on a Guy Fawkes mask that they bought online with a credit card!

For those who don't dissent and carry a torch for patriotism we see their blind faith in the concept that we are still free.

For those who are unsure this is the definition of freedom as characterized by Miriam Webster's Dictionary:

Definition of FREEDOM

1: the quality or state of being free: as
a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another: INDEPENDENCE
c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous
e: the quality of being frank, open, outspoken
f: improper familiarity
g: boldness of conception or execution
h: unrestricted use

a: a political right

Opening each section we see a very clear picture of freedom as defined as #1:actual freedom and #2: political freedom. The two categories are striking in their differences as political freedom is simply summed up as FRANCHISE and PRIVILEGE.

To simplify privilege is the permission to do something. Let us take franchise as a more direct example of this. Mc Donald's offers Franchisee Opportunities to people wanting to "Own their own business". In point of fact they do not. They reserve the right to operate their business under the guidelines of the PARENT COMPANY. In actuality they simply have the privilege of profiting from the business model. Think of the PARENT COMPANY as the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the FRANCHISEE as a STATE OF THE UNION.

Certain STATES can gamble, have the use of drugs, have legal prostitution, have open carry of firearms. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will have rules that ALL STATES must follow but some that are optional. So just like some locations of Mc D's not offering a veggie burger or a specialty shake, you do have certain limited options.

However as the FEDs assume more power and becomes more centralized we see less freedom in the hands of the STATE and more power in the hands of the FED. This is a big problem, but to fully explain the magnitude of the issue we must look into the definition of actual freedom to get a better understanding of how FRANCHISE really operates.

a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

We have to I.D. for everything important or meaningful. We have cameras everywhere. We have rules for travel and limits on the speed of travel. We not only have restricted areas but restricted airspace. We cannot dig under ground without mineral rights. We are placed into a state of constant fear by the news media and even the underground has its fear porn. We have contracts for everything and End User License Agreements on program data. We have lawyers ready to file suit at a moments notice for the slightest offenses and freedom of speech has more restrictions than ever.

b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another: INDEPENDENCE

Indentured servitude may be a thing of the past but that says nothing for individual DEBTS or TAXATION. Firearms require a permit, background checks and even separate licensing for special makes and models. We are constantly fighting eminent domain. We have checkpoints setup varying from sobriety tests to TSAs monitoring our passage into sporting events, political rallies, community events and travel. We have had numerous violations of posse cometatus which have military checkpoints cropping up across the country. I'm not doing more than glossing over the de facto martial law that already exists in this country as a result of the loss of these freedoms.

Data not withstanding in the realm of privacy we have numerous cases of unlawful searches without a warrant thanks to the information age we no longer have to wait as warrants can be processed at the push of a button.

c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous

How many owners of your life have you spent registering for things with the government? Register to vote, register at the dmv, register at the clinic, identify, go through checkpoints, always being scrutinized every step of the way. Even things like the draft or jury duty could be seen as a violation of this principal. Just taxation alone robs us of our time spent in labor for the government.


Just how easy is it to travel these days? How easy is it to pay a bill in cash? How easy is it to opt out of a mandate?

e: the quality of being frank, open, outspoken

Do I need to go over hate speech? Free speech zones? Anyone with religious beliefs knows just how hard it is to stand for them these days. What about a simple joke? Ever get charged with sexual harassment? Slander? What about the freedom to protest a law you disagree with or a corporation?

Do I even need to give examples of this at this point in our history?

f: improper familiarity

Identification formalizes any contact you may have with another person. This does not apply to you from a legal context because if there ever is a case your actions are under LAW, period.

g: boldness of conception or execution

We can be as bold as we wish as long as we don't step on the toes of the establishment or the corporation with a team of lawyers. We cannot execute our own plan of action however because of legal codes and permitting. You actually need a license to CUT HAIR!

h: unrestricted use

While the quartering act provided security of home at one time, the failure to secure mineral rights leaves most under imminent domain. We simply do not have this right and in many cases can be forced out of our homes for failure to pay property taxes. Our use IS restricted by codes, permits statutes, and regulations. Your home is not your castle.

I want to read you the only rights you truly have ever had under this government.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, If you cannot afford one on will be appointed for you by a court of law...

You get the idea.

Everything is now either contract or maritime law. The only freedom left is on a boat in international waters where pirates and battleships await you. Even that is a moot point when the satellites and drone aircraft can pinpoint your position. Out in international waters you can kill whoever you want without redress unless you are attacking a naval vessel from another country, so yes they can just kill you at that point.

At one time freedom existed but I believe that as technology increased freedom naturally diminished for those who were economically disadvantaged to enable themselves to resist. In truth freedom is an arms race of sorts where the people find hacks and ways to circumvent the mechanisms of control. Rebellion is the war of the poor, and terrorists are simply resisting in futility.

Only through the application of knowledge can you be aware and free yourself, but the chains cut deep these days. Man is a slave to his possessions which actually do leave him in bondage.

Are you going to live in secret away from the technosphere subsisting on an ascetic sense of virtues? Will you blur your identity through aliasing and hack yourself into anonymity? Will you lead a quiet life blending into the crowd when need be? Will you stand openly as a martyr for truth, or will you submit to the machine and revel in the excesses of the neon circus; eventually becoming the villain?

We hold before us a constant war. Free thought is terrorism. Only when every individual person is under control will the war be over. Only when those who hold the keys to power are firmly clutching the reigns to every man, woman, child, animal, and plant left in existence, will this psychopathic power grab cease in our crushing defeat.

Only you may decide how you may live, or die and why.

YOU ARE NOT FREE. That is the truest statement I can offer you. You can debate me on this if you want but I have placed the definition clearly on the page and stated my case.

It is up to you what you do with the information from there. For those who would wish to join me I can offer only few words of advice.



Patient Zero and the death of Counterculture

After a brief period in the hospital it made me think about all the intelligent members of 60s counterculture that are dead or soon passing. Seriously think about it. Here is a list of some people who woke us up, before many of us were even born.

Abbie Hoffman 
"I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars."

George Carlin 
"Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit."

Robert Anton Wilson
"On a planet that resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break."

Frank Zappa
"Art is making something out of nothing and then selling it."

There are many more I'm missing here that aren't coming to mind at the moment but you get the idea. If you have listened to any of them speak you have an understanding of the profound impact that they had on our modern times.

In a day and age where nobody peels themselves from their screens to share anything without the push of a button is it any wonder why many of the ones who fought through the 60s can feel a true sense of loss? These great minds took us to places that just weren't possible without the revolutionary ambition that each of these men possessed.

It was as if the 60s broke free of the plastic cocoon of 50s consumerism into a reality based on idealism and a return to the individual. Many of them supported causes varying from the environment to civil rights and the undercurrent of post-war tension and the cold war were clearly indicating that the political, religious and cultural institutions of the time were self serving and did nothing to contribute to the people.

The peaceful pussyfied image of the hippie is a boldfaced LIE. People were strung out on drugs in the streets of Haight-Ashbury, people were dying in the Vietnam war and protests, we killed JFK RFK and MLK, and we just raged on. These people stood up to governments, corporations, racism, they fought for everything. This was the last generation of people we had fighting for us. If you asked most people from the 60s what their greatest accomplishment was, they will usually remark "We survived."

The times we live in are locked down into a surveillance grid so tight that we can't even see it. There was once a day and age where everything came with a clock in it. There is a reason for that. Time kept you in check. "No time for this." and "No time for that." Now there is a camera in everything.  "Someone is always watching." You may as well be toilet trained at gunpoint because you have no idea what kind of future is in store for you when you come from that day and age. I fear for the children growing up in this world now because they have no future. It will always be 1984 and in hindsight the 1960s tried to save us from that.


Demons and Multidimensionals 2: The encounter.

I think I was 12 at the time. I was angry. I kept getting bullied at school and I had enough. I wanted to kill the bullies but I only had a kitchen knife and they were rich kids with lawyer parents. It was post Menendez brothers but Pre-Columbine. I knew how that shit ended up. They tried kids as adults.

I was on bad terms with god. I'd come to school and instead of prayer I ended up just venting and cussing up a storm cursing his name for my life at the time. I was the only child of a single mother on foodstamps in the 80s and 90s when the rich were seen as gods and the poor and children of wedlock were seen as the evils of society. I was literally called a bastard child.

I got interested in the occult at an early age after reading about it in my mother's psychology textbooks. Even other students were doing it so I figured if I can't beat them I'd summon a demon who would.

I arranged 5 of my mothers tea light candles in my bedroom in a circle. I poured wax over the top in a circle. I made a pentagram from the wax as well. I took a picture I drew of a black shadow demon. This was before I knew about mothmen, or other cryptids, so I didn't know what I was doing in the least.

I said the words I was told to say by one of the witches of the school and put a drop of blood from an ant bite scab on the paper.

...and then nothing happened.

I blew out the candles and went to bed.

Many nights later there was an apparition that appeared through my bedroom window. It was literally like a shadow you could see through in the shape of a man. He walked throught the wall and through the bed on the other side of the room towards me. I was frozen, paralized and his touch felt like icy daggers on my thigh.

Night became day in an instant and I was still frozen staring out the window scared out of my mind. The thing was gone. I told my best friend Danny at the time but everyone made fun of it. I struggled with the thing for many years and it still comes in the nights and days when I'm alone or the only one awake.

I used to feed it with my anger. An ex of mine saw it leap out of my face once. I was able to blend into the shadows and remain unseen. I also had the ability to move faster than running without explanation of how I could do it by just walking briskly.

I had since then been in the company of many witches and satanists. Most of them are broken drugged up people. Some are simply tired aristocrats who sold out long ago. Few have any true power but some can not only move objects with thought but send pain through your body by simply pointing fingers at you.

I have since rejected the demonic and put it aside. My past with the vampyric and demonic resulted in me witnessing the horrors of death and drug abuse. Every past lover of mine from that time ended up a horrible wasted life. There are fates worse than death.

I've held blood soaked infants dying in my arms. I've witnessed car accidents mere feet from my body. I've seen lightning strike from across the street. Street lights would dim as I walked under them far too often to be a coincidence. I stood up to a man three times my size wielding a knife with just a gleam in my eyes. My heart was cold and black and hollow.

I went to a church once where they did faith healings. I was anointed and after three paces back I was thrust into darkness. I felt cold and weightless as if my thoughts were trailing away. When I came to I sang with them but in my heart I knew something was not right.

A few nights later I saw the shadow. I felt a hand reaching into my neck and it was as if there was a nob on the inside of my neck. I could feel it, like it was connected to my body. I heard a hissing noise like some kind of gas and then felt the same cold weightless feeling in darkness. Later on I was told my throat chakra was cursed without volunteering that information to the practitioner.

Nothing seemed to help. For many years I have tryed metaphysical shops, researching aliens, men and black, mothmen and demons. I have even spoken to members of clergy. I cannot explain it with science unless I give up and claim insanity and hallucination, yet I cannot explain the others who have seen it to.

My blood runs cold to tell you this but I still battle the creature of my own making. Every day it could be there watching and waiting for me to feed on my fear. I cannot offer any advice to anyone on this because I just don't know enough to battle it. I'm studying the bible at the moment but I can't have total faith in that either. Humanity just isn't prepared for that other dimension.

Either way you look at it something is out there we cannot explain with science but even science leaves room for events we cannot explain. A UFO is that strange limbo zone where you don't exactly say it's a flying saucer, but you know, they know, we all know exactly what you mean.

Of course the minute you get into this subject you lose 99% of your credibility, but who cares. I saw what I saw and I posted it.

Comment if you want to but I'm trying to sleep. I'll look here tomorrow or something but for now, I just feel that same feeling that always looms over me.

I'm always on the verge of knowing the truth, but at what cost? Yet again the answers seem to escape me, and in my meditation I focus for the battle that awaits.



Did you ever wonder why there are still white people left alive after the civil war, after the assassination of Martin Luther King, after the Rodney King tragedy or the L.A. Riots? Have you really stepped back and taken a look at how surprising it is that all the gangs you hear about on the news with all of their weapons still haven't killed us all?

Do you ever just think that the race war really isn't as bad as they say it is? Do you ever think that the media just wants ratings to keep you watching those commercials and to keep you glued to the screen in fear of the future?

Are you afraid of your slaves? That's where this image comes from.

Are you afraid of your slaves? That's where this image comes from.

Are you still afraid? 

Do you realize that images like this are being used against you fearful white folk?

If your fear rules you all, understand that you will not see the truth. The truth is they hate us but not all of them hate us. The truth is that the scars run deep to this day but many just have more important things to do with their time. All people are struggling right now and the more you try to deny it, sometimes it is the times of struggle that bring this nation together, rather than apart.

I will tell you the images that I as a white man fear the most.

Images like this.

...and this...

...but especially this!

When massive power is in the hands of corrupt officials, it is only a matter of time before civil rights abuses and the erosion of liberty begin. I am reminded of poetic words once spoken:

"When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

Friedrich Niemöller.

Did you ever wonder why Morpheus was black and Neo and Trinity were white?

Blacks in america have been awake since the civil war and the civil rights era. Blacks have been fighting this war against the government longer than any of us white folk. Blacks are used to standing up to police and the military.

What do you think the real reason for creating this great divide is? Face it. They knew how to WIN, because for a time THEY WON!

The easiest way to keep someone down is to prevent them from knowledge and just like the blacks were prevented from knowledge such as literacy BEFORE the civil war, we are being prevented from learning the knowledge of resistance AFTER.

The confederate flag is not a symbol of heritage or hatred. The flag like any flag is a symbol of government.

The definition of LIBERTY is simply freedom from restriction.

The definition of GOVERNMENT is law and order.

The definition of LAW is restriction.

One cannot cry for government when one cries for liberty!

The only flags right now that I support are ones like these:

If you support freedom and are awake then you understand this. If you are still asleep then what I am showing you will scare you and possibly get me in trouble. I don't care either way. The black panthers were one of the greatest examples of people in this country saving themselves.

When we are led by the nose by the bank run media to fear blacks in this nation I see right through what they are doing. The secret to power and the key to freedom is to fight for it. After all there is no fate but what we make.

I am against tyranny in all of its forms and we cannot just mock protest wearing Guy Fawkes masks. We cannot claim to be organized by any guiding principal or group name. We have to resist for the people. People have to be willing to fight and die for their own sake. If freedom is that important to you then don't fight for patriotism, fight for freedom itself!

Do you really think that the state loves you?

(to give up your freedom)

Fascism exists implicitly. Look no further than the liberty dime!

We write Liberty in bold on one side using the image of a messenger god.

On the back we put United Stated of America and a FASCES.

We know what is on the other side of the coin. TAILS YOU LOSE!
Are you on the side of the hermetic order of truth and liberty, or are you on the side of fascism? It's doublespeak because they are two sides of the same coin when you realize the hermetic order took over! Note that it displays the image of the god Mercury stating in god we trust, not Jesus, not Cuthulu, Not the flying spaghetti monster, MERCURY.

Mercury is representing sacred knowledge in most cases of the symbol being used. Every time you read IN GOD WE TRUST, read it as IN KNOWLEDGE WE TRUST. If that wasn't the statement of the technocratic order I don't know what is!

This is the symbol of ROMAN occupation. It goes back before the Vatican and Constantine. We all have been under some form of European rule for most of our lives. Your leaders put it in plain view and watch as you continue to plow through life like a horse with blinders.

How clear do I have to get on this. If we do not resist the tyranny they will be coming for all of us. 

English people were Anglo. German people were once Saxon. The people we are fighting have always been the same! When Europe expanded through the domination of the Roman Empire it changed into the Vatican. Every dominant nation has worked with the Vatican.

How is this image any different...
...from this one?

Both have standing armies (bases all over), concentration camps (GITMO), and GESTAPO (Homeland Security).

The race war we are about to face is being ramped up to divide this nation and I urge you not to fall for it!

There are many black men and women who are against the Obama administration speaking out against the crimes he has committed against the constitution and the people of this nation. But it's not just him.

Sadly in this nation we have given up so many freedoms since 09/11/2001 that we can't even recognize our own country. There are people who are 14 years old running around thinking that everything is just fine. In the next 4 years these people will be adults. They haven't known a world without internet, cellphones, cameras, full body scanners, metal detectors, or what freedom really means.

We have a serious problem coming to a head in this country. Our children are growing up and we are losing them to television and pop culture distractions, the evening news and popular opinion. We have poisoned the well that this country's intellect springs from with garbage information, fluoride and GMOs.

They have no idea what civil rights really means yet they hammer away at the keys in forums and Facebook trolling each other for puppet causes, lost in the two minutes hate. They argue about checking our privilege yet fail to appreciate how far we've come to reach equality.

My fear is that we really are being lost in Huxley's "sea of irrelevance". We are being manipulated into hatred and bigotry. We are being manipulated into fear and failing to realize our similarities and out mutual strength to combat this evil plaguing our society.



Channel 2

Quarks have 6 elemental components to measure ranging from positive to negative.

Atoms have Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Each having a positive and negative charge.

These atoms form compounds and formulas that are either basic alkaline structures or acidic which when paired correctly combine to form powerful energetic reactions.

A computer has ones and zeroes, and a quantum computer has fuzzy logic centered around ones and zeroes.

We live in between channels of light and darkness, heat and cold, pressure and vacuum, mass and the void.

Scientists always try to divide down to the simplest of elemental components when in truth we only have polarity.

Energy is only generated when the two halves react. Without opposing force there is only inertia.

Any reaction is only the sum of the two charges of any polarity.

All positive forces usually have a stablility about them like the stone in a river. All negative forces seem to carry an entropic principal which etches and erodes over time.

Erosion is gradual but entropy is thermodynamically unavoidable. We will dissolve into a cold, dark vacuum in the end.

We are told to favor the light, but light only accelerates the change. Light and heat after all are the byproducts of an energetic reaction. Light is the result of a charge which eventually drains and corrodes the fuel source. In other words, it is the light that burns and not the darkness.

When polarity occurs opposition reigns and in something new much will be destroyed. Change kills much more than it produces.

In an ever accelerating world of technological brilliance we burn up the planet in the process. We struggle to find sustainable technologies but in the end result anything that uses energy to produce work mechanically will eat resources. Even solar or wind powered technologies must be made from resources in the first place.

How can we reach the distant stars when the trip would eat entire planets? Solar panels only collect the free energy. Tank based systems can only propel you as far as the capacity and the reaction. Even sailing the currents of the solar system through a calculated course of moon-shoting the planets is spotty at best.

The only solution to interstellar travel as I could best guess would be to take advantage of polarity at the smallest point to form the greatest reaction to produce thrust. So far nuclear fusion reactions seem to be one of the strongest we have to create any force. They also consume more energy than they produce at the present time. I think truthfully this is due to the composition of earth as opposed to the composition of the sun. We just don't have the density needed to sustain the reaction, or the amount of material to provide the density of its core.

So we are stuck here floating on this fractured topology waiting for a solution. We are like bored children in a warm bath, complacent and waiting for it to grow cold.

The meaning of anything is found and defined by its opposite, yet their relationship is found in the duality and is far more profound and complex.

A simple example would be that hot and cold create the relationship of temperature. Too hot burns, too cold freezes and cracks, lukewarm dulls and sickens. The variation creates the color.

The more complicated is the magnitude of vibrating waves defining everything that exists. The frequency determines just what is visible, auditory, tactile, palatable and odorous. We even have brainwaves loosely defining a sixth sense which can be modified by creating certain interference.

Density creates tactile sensations, in smaller form the vibrations create tastes by literally fitting into taste receptors like puzzle pieces. Smaller still are the odor causing particles. After that you stop measuring things in particles and start measuring waves of sound and light. Further still you measure vibrations in infrared and ultraviolet spectrums as radio waves and micro waves and other bands exist further out in the spectrum.

All things exist in this dual channel vibration. We never escape polarity at the highest or at the lowest level because the only thing you can measure in mathematics are extremes.


If you look at the fourth dimensional symmetry of a diamond it is densely compacted like a set of ball bearings in a tight grip. What you would end up with if you tightly packed the lighter ones into a rigid balloon would be a near perfect sphere due to the surface tension of the skin of the balloon.

The same thing happens with water molecules forming spherical drops in clouds or surface tension bringing them to a roundedness. The same thing goes for a planetoid in space being rounded off by the magnetic and gravitational forces surrounding it. Even at the smallest you see atoms and quarks behaving along this path.

So what we have is the measurement of polarity along a sphere. When folding space is one were to measure the opposite by some way to graph the data along a toroid donut we could then use that opposite data in a quantum computer to solve for Heisenberg's uncertainty. However far away the equations for a given piece of matter in superposition would be I believe we are at the point of discovering this through the realization of the electronic computing singularity.

When one realizes that the potential for using this toroid form as a massive portal exists then spacefolding along the toroid of the two points really just becomes about solving the energy needs of the toroid itself.

However would you be able to control wether you moved across space and time? How would you compensate for those forces? Would you need a generator on both sides or just a field effecting the object in motion? Would you need all three?

I imagine one toroid would have a negative charge or be the catcher.

The other one would be the positive naturally throwing.

The field would be neutral to protect the craft, or the passengers.

What would a hole in the fourth dimension look like?

Imagine a sphere that looked flat. As you pass around it on all sides it would look like what you would see on the other side of the hole in all directions. It would be kind of like passing around the edges of a highly polished metallic sphere but instead of seeing a mirror image of a convex sphere you would see the projected image of the reality on the other side of a concave sphere in all directions.

If you were to enter the center of the sphere the gravity would exist at the edges of the sphere so the edges would be where the attraction would lie. This is why we would have to create a sphere of antigravity around the edges of the craft. It would be like an extremely strong vacuum ready to vaporize you due to the immense pressure from the center driving your mass to the edges. Imagine feeling like a bubble about to pop.

So you would need to create a gate on either side and a force field to stabilize the traveler. You could theoretically travel to any place or time given the amount of distance. A hole in the fourth dimension travels across space and time simultaneously so you would in theory be traveling along two axes on a flat graph within the quantum computer of when and where.

Extra dimensional travel is not only possible but it would not be as readily defined by physical laws. At a certain point you would have travelers that were under different laws of nature due to different outcomes of the big bang.

I think it would be like tuning in two radio stations at once and playing the interference pattern on an oscilloscope. You would see just the right wave form between space and time to get what ever you wanted.

Maybe this was what the famous Manhattan project and Montauk machines really did. Maybe John Titor is real. Maybe all things really are possible and all of the creatures of your nightmares exist, somewhere beyond the void...


Children, Cavemen, and the birth of the technocracy.

There are interesting things you notice when you have a kid. You see their development and you watch them in Paleolithic stages adjusting to the high tech world.

They reach up for a toy. Mine! Wham they hit another kid. They from simple tribes out of their friends. They scavenge for food in your fridge when you aren't looking. They represent the world through simple pictograph picture symbols like square block houses, stick figures, and lollipop trees. They build forts and explore and dig up the dirt.

When they dress themselves they emulate the gods. Barbie becomes Aphrodite, Batman is god of the underworld, Superman becomes the Hercules or even Apollo like figure, even bob the builder is a lesser Hephaestus.

When they wear mom and dads clothing they emulate the elders of the tribe. When they learn to read and write they assume an almost Sophist development based on written word. They advance into the renaissance with math and science borrowed from the period. World history hardens the mind into a statist world view. Religion sets in and poisons the well with dogma added to propaganda. The prejudice and bias of the parents creeps in as if it represents a culture.

Rebellious tendencies are quelled with parental totalitarian dominance. They learn to base their opinions on authority instead of discovery. The caveman within them dies as they succumb to the hive mind. Pop culture breeds contempt for the haves or the have-nots. Class divisions set in and learned helplessness gives them a Stockholm syndrome like patriotism about the theft redistribution of wealth. They learn that they may not steal another's toy themselves but if you don't pay their taxes all their toys are gone.

With the matrix of thought fully closing around the mind by the time they reach thirty they have traded passions for careers. The dollar reigns supreme above political and religious motivations. The mind starves. They stop learning. Growth stops as they head towards the decline of youth. They are over the hill even though they postpone that statement for decades. They have peaked. They live vicariously through the screen like plato's allegory of the cave.

Sitcoms and talk shows dictate how to raise their kids. The evening news tells them what to fear and the weather outside as if a window does nothing. They ignore their spouse for porn and dress their best for work only to tear off their nicer clothes to let themselves go at home. Connections fade as the distraction of electronic entertainment quiets the chatter of the mind screaming at you to think, to analize, to dream, to be enraged about it!

What can be done about this? How many people get to just play with science anymore? We could build the universe but instead we are trapped within the brick and mortar institutions of our parents. Online companies are replacing them but yet what good is a home business or telemarketing when you stay trapped in one place void of discovery?

Who grows that does not dream? Are we trapped in an endless sprawl? We must dissent. Ascent is the vertical rise upward. Descent is the vertical drop lower. Dissent is men going their own way. This is not to be confused with MGTOW's focus on demonizing one gender. Anyone that uses force to tell you what to do is wrong, man or woman! I am speaking of the true ICONOCLAST.

You must assert your position in the universe at all times! MINE IS MINE! Earn it and keep it and grow it and plant it and build it and make it and live it!

There was a point of self ownership until the fear set in. If you make the discovery you own the knowledge. This is intellectual property. This intellectual property is your true property, not the objects that represent it. Not even the body you live in is your property.

Only your thoughts are truly your own. Your experience is the only thing you truly have. Remember how I once said that the mind is the end all be all. Since the beginning of time you were a thinker before you were a doer. You had to learn to move and what to move and how to move it. Thus in a sense the body responds directly to mind control!

You are controlling everything in front of you with mind control. If the mind controls the body and the body controls the device than you are literally harnessing the forces of nature with your mind. Taking things a step further you have a thought process becoming an action that requires nature to function.




If ancient scrolls with ancient symbols could be used to mix potions then ancient math told the people of KHEM (Chemestry/Egypt) how to make it work.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but magic in the hands of men make them indistinguishable from gods. Magic and science are the same thing. True magic has been hidden. The story that many tell about the conspiracy of aliens who came to earth is an old trope of the conspiracy theories. The idea however is sound.

Lets define a few things before moving on.

First imagine that you are a caveman. Lets say you are at the point of fire and sharpened stick spears. You wear animal skins. Suddenly a huge bird flies over your head that makes a loud growling noise. Or maybe it is a "fire breathing dragon" and it tries to shoot you. You run into the cave.

We have stories all the time to work from about technologically advanced people visiting tribes. It is called ANTHROPOLOGY.

When we study these so called primitives we see a pattern about their discovery of us. They take us in and show us their customs and we eat and dance together by the fire. They try to communicate and eventually there is a translation of the language. The elder asks questions and answers them according to the knowledge he has.

Eventually the tribe no longer fears the outsider. They welcome them and begin to take on bits and pieces of the other civilized culture such as clothing and books or even religions. Gradually they change into something else entirely. They are not quite their past but not quite the other civilization. They have homogenized and through this mutual understanding a bit of their culture faded away into history. Their discoveries about the natural world quickly become a reliance on the tools of civilization. The application of these appliances and customs replaces their sense of place in the universe.

There is a backlash or a revolution of sorts calling to a return to the old ways. They quarrel over it, divided. Civilization steps in presenting their solution resulting in the civilized tribe separating from the uncivilized tribe. This results in civil war. Both tribes benefit from the arms and tools of the civilized nation. They battle for the land destroying resources or giving them in trade to the high tech civilization.

In desolation over the conflict both sides cry out for a savior or a leader. The Civilization steps in one last time replacing the tribal form of court with a constitutional government. This order wipes out the anarchy chaos and replaces many of the customs considered barbaric and primitive.

The people have lost themselves by degrees. Their self ownership and discovery have been replaced by their savior figure. They failed to spear the plane. The beast took over their people.

How is that not like the acculturation of our youth?

Children just want to play and dance but they look to us as their savior. We heal them when they are sick, feed them when they are hungry and influence their thoughts just like the anthropologists do. When children come into the world they are learning every bit of the history of the world, in stages.


Look at Ray Kurzweil's graph and you will understand why we get so lost later on in school.

Basically we have to learn at ever increasing accelerated rates to be able to apply knowledge to control our environment with technology. It is escaping the grasp of the common man because not only do we have the limitations of our own understanding but we have to go deep into the reasoning behind the technology within the historical record.

All throughout history you will see man using technology to solve problems and any high tech civilization wiping out the civilization underneath them. World government is only an end result of the technological western dominance. Better technology allows us to conquer bigger tribes. Why would the focus now go from world powers to splinter cells to eventually the common man?

The only war left is the war on your mind. The only battleground there ever was, was the mind itself. We have before us a new paradigm. We know common core is bullshit. The chunky math could really only be used to make change. (4 25s equal 100, four quarters for a dollar).

If we don't run the risk of actually having children and then teaching them, we have no control over the future of man. The technocracy exists and will persist as long as man remains subservient to the electronic savior, but there is another way.

If man understands nature through science man can achieve for himself his own path in life. Man can ask WHY he is in the cage and remain there forever. he can only escape the box with HOW.



How do you save the nation?

The answer is that you can't. The state or the country or the nation will never be saved.

Think about it. You can only handle your own choices. You are in control of what you do.

If you choose to take what the state gives you it is your master. If you choose to work for your own deeds the rewards may not be greater in number, but just as the tailor makes his own clothes they suit him perfectly.

The world is truly rudderless and only the sheep is lead, but how does one think for themselves?

One must learn to do for oneself. The craft has been the subject of worship in freemasonry and god has been referred to as the grand architect. Jesus was a carpenter after all, but what is all this talk about building? Why is it important?

The salvation of man lies in anarchy, but it takes explanation.

Think of every other RPG game that you have played. You level up a character from a pre determined set of attributes and classes. You earn from what you kill. In destruction you forge ahead looting the landscape. You grind and grind and GRIND. At the end of it you reach your final level ready to conquer the end boss several times over. It is time to retire. Then it hits you. Your open world is on rails. You simply followed a trail of breadcrumbs and quests laid out by the programmers. You truly accomplished nothing. All the titles without any real discovery. Your mind is hollow and your hands are tired.

How is that any different from the work environment. You apply in fields based on a pre determined education and abilities. You earn from what tasks you can complete. In repetition you forge ahead scoring all the brownie points you can. You grind and grind and GRIND. At the end you reach your final promotion ready to leave the boss several times over. It is time to retire. Then it hits you. Your path in life was on rails. You simply followed a trail of breadcrumbs and tasks laid out by your owners. You truly accomplished nothing. All of the titles without any real discovery. Your mind is hollow and your hands are tired.

Have any of you played minecraft? Everything you make in that game you build. You start with little to nothing. Through trial and error, you discover you have the talent to build anything you wish, and in the course of your life you fail many times. The enemy is always at the door every night and there are many times when your back is against the wall just trying to survive. There is no one to protect you but everything you have is truly yours. There will always be greifers and haters of what you build but the discoveries make it all truly worth the effort. You not only build houses and palaces but even art and machines. You are a craftsman and in the end you feel like you accomplished something. You were the architect of your adventure, you were the creator of the craft.

Have any of you tried working for yourself? Living off of what you can build? You start with raw materials. Through trial and error, you discover you have the talent to build anything you wish, and in the course of your business you fail many times. Debt is always at the door and there are many times when your back is against the wall just trying to survive. There is no one to protect you but everything you make is truly yours. There will always be doubters and haters of the products you make or the services you offer but the discoveries you make are truly worth the effort. You not only build houses and places but even art and machines. You are a craftsman and in the end you feel like you accomplished something. You were the architect of your adventure, you were the creator of the craft.

You never save a nation. You build it to suit yourself the way our ancestors did. The fire of creation is in your hands if you choose to use it for good or evil, but remember that you have to live in the world you create. The fate of man is in the hands of a few good men willing to wrench the control out of private hands and save themselves. In the end we are not the product of our society but the sum of our deeds. Change is in the hands of men like you. Take charge and you do not have to live in bondage. Manifest your destiny, change the course and steer the ship.

You can only SAVE YOURSELF.


HISTORY OF THE WORLD: The Tired Narrative.

We've heard it all. The Illuminati from the ancient mystery schools came from outer space to conquer and control genetically engineered apes as human slaves. They use advanced means of medical and psychological manipulation alongside the economic, political, and religious system to control and subjugate the will of the people.

Those who cannot be controlled are eliminated through mob style hits and high tech assassinations to prevent the distribution of sensitive information. We are heading towards a Huxley-Orwellian control grid engineered by technocratic sociopaths hell bent on dominating the planet and everyone in it until a massive judgement day scenario involving but not limited to the following: Killer Robots, Aliens, Demons, Satanic Cultists, Martial Law, World War 3, Nuclear War, Pandemics, Resource Wars and One World Government.


The reason why nobody is rioting in the streets is because of all the in fighting over the REAL truth, and what that even is!

Religion, Politics, Class, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Education, EVERYTHING is being used to divide you.

I watch countless videos from my home and listen to countless podcasts from my phone and everyone likes to throw the word SHILL around. I'm tired of this.

Reality is not individual or consensus! Reality is truth whether or not you are intelligent enough to realize what is right in front of your faces! You all have no idea what the real world looks like.

The city is a gilded cage and we are players on the stage, all Heralds of the truth yet; we fumble in the meaning.

You have no idea how many times I've cried when I realized the world we wasted.

The things in my hands abandoned from the privileged that I scavenged in the wasteland.

Knowledge is sacred, Wealth is sacred, Life is sacred, because EVERYTHING IS SACRED.

The truth as I see it is this: The world is controlled by gravity. We crawl upon its surface waving banners of faction symbolism but in truth we are rudderless, hurtling around the galactic center at unimaginable speed. We make gods ubiquitous yet we parade the idolatry of the image as if they would look human! The lot of us are foolish to interpret them this way because we forget ourselves.

We are three dimensional beings living in a limited box of just five humble senses and two of them are devoted mainly to just eating! How fitting for an animal as a so called useless eater to graze eternally stuck to this turquoise rock like a pastoral fence. Bread and circuses, yet even in the truth movement we see ourselves repeating the same legendary tropes from aliens to the Kennedy assassination. We have no idea what our potential really is because we lose it to sleep and meals. We lose it to soft entertainment and the two minutes hate on the evening news as we moon the next puppet dictator on the tell-lie-vision before we go to work the next day.

The economy is tanking. Lets prop up the economy by encouraging whording through the prepper movement. Let's bemoan cashless society but encourage a bitcoin solution. Lets buy up all the gold while we read native American parables about how money cannot be eaten.

Lets avoid living in tiny fema camp trailers working at slaving on a farm, lets live in a "tiny house" and grow our own organic food out in the boonies. When will we realize that everything we eat has to die to be eaten. Either way you look at it where we live and what we eat matters very little if the lives we live are virtually THE SAME.

We leave footprints everywhere and our computers sniff breadcrumbs from cookies and metadata tracking ISPs, mac addresses, camera feeds and numbers for everything. Yet Social networks and dating sites are more popular than ever, Amazon gets to know your address for that 67th Call of Duty sequel you wanted along with your Alex Jones Police State box dvd set, and everyone invites cameras into their homes to make videos on YouTube to make each other aware of how they are changing nothing...

Edward Bernays would have been proud.

Face it.


Logic alone will tell you that we lost a long time ago before we ever even knew it.


Look into the meaning of words and you will know the truth.

War IS the problem-reaction-solution. Every war we fight we lose more control, no matter who wins!

The history of the recent world is mainly the history of rich white people killing everyone while enslaving anyone less powerful, including other whites. As technology increased so did the dominance and subjugation of the human race.

During the Crusades we continued the campaign of Anglo-Saxon dominance over the nations of Europe before the development of the monarchy under the Queen of ENGLAND into the power we know today.


Incedentally Europe was named for Europa who was the human lover of Zeus in the form of the bull. The symbolism of the carnal nature of Europe is very clear here.

Could this be the Whore of Babylon? Keep in mind before you go all King James, The Bible was authorized by old King James after a team of editors and emperor Constantine remade Europe under its influence!

If the bible did not benefit the state powers at the time in some way would we really have been allowed to read it? Render unto Caesar peasants!

The industrial era was vastly changing the landscape as serfdoms gave way to the apprenticeships and the Guttenberg press that distributed it made propaganda so widely available it's not even funny. It was as technologically advanced as the punch card weaving looms that mass produced textiles in the day. More on those handy punch cards later...

...Speaking of Puritan bible thumpers, In 1776 we established the OPEN NEW WORLD ORDER under the synonym United States of America. The revolutionary war was instrumental in setting up the colonization of the Native American population that lead to the European domination of the west. This lead to a military expansion in later years that would usher in our time as a superpower in World War 2



Since then we created the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in 1945 under the synonym of United Nations.



Using World War 2 we conquered the world through Project Paperclip. The ex NAZI scientists created advanced rocketry that made the satellite control grid and the cold war that followed ramped up the production of advanced transistor and microprocessor technology. Using the wealth of the fifties and sixties we remapped America along highways and created a constant consumer culture which usurped the state powers leading to the trans-national MEGACORPS we know today. This also lead to the use of the UPC code, RFIDS, and in store cameras being everywhere.

IBM would quietly reinvest their profits from both sides of the war on Fairchild Semiconductors as they moved away from the punch card and vacuum tube computing used to collect election polls and track the NAZI prisoners by their tattooed arms. In addition to that Vaccuum tubes were needed for the Guitar Amps all of those rock albums that were putting subliminals into the minds of the Haight Ashbury youth drug craze that would later become the whiz kids of Hollywood and silicon valley.

In the background workers at Fairchild Semiconductors would later move on to form Integrated Electronics AKA Intel. Intel chips would later be used in everything electronic all the while gaining INTELligence on the population through programming backdoors and engineered mechanisms.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak would later through many joints and acid trips go on to form the Homebrew computer club and later found Apple Computers and push personal computers which would be used at home gaining data on every man woman and child who used them. Incidentally the first model one kits sold for $666.66

Also, the other half of the famous Windows/Mac Duopoly came from the same underground homebrew computer club in the form of Bill Gates who was once the richest man in America. His ties to IBM later broke off to become the Microsoft we now recognize. Today he his mostly known for his planned extermination vaccination of the third world.

This is the same kind of thing as John Kerry and George W Bush being from skull and bones. 2 wings same eagle. Operating systems may change but computers still function in the duality of ones and zeroes. The KABALLAH does as well.

Flash forward to the 90s where Terminator 2 dominated the silver screen and the real life SKYNET A.K.A. GOOGLE was in its infancy. With the acquisition of Quantum Computing, Teleatlas (anagram for satelites) for Google Earth Mapping, Futurist Inventor Ray Kurzweil and Boston Dynamics Robotics; we learned what it meant to be truly fucked! But hey guys "Don't be Evil..."

If it weren't for NAZIS and SATANISTS Silicon Valley would not exist. But why not? it's right next to HOLLYWOOD (you know the same kind for making wizard staffs and wands...) The computers at Pixar worked with the animators at Disney so the NAZIS and SATANISTS worked together into the present day.

Its kind of like looking at the picture of Marilyn Manson in the Mickey Mouse hat and realizing that he released a song for the Nightmare before Christmas remix soundtrack by Disney then Tracking the fact that Disney owned Interscope Records which he worked for. It's almost as bad as Tim Burton's influence on the youth culture from Batman and Beetlejuice to more recent offerings like Frankenweenie and Alice in Wonderland.

Now that we have the ability to track every man woman and child we do not need a prison. The entire planet is a farm. The all seeing eye is real and everywhere. It could fit into the palm of your hand. Living under todays total information awareness and geo-intelligence and you already have the world prison panopticon.

Todays world is a cyberpunk nightmare. We are living in the last days regardless of religion or science. The resources we had, we squandered on vanity and our greed has been our undoing.